Hugh Frost


Vocal Cord Parasite Essay design for Trouble in Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus at Southwark Gallery Bigbang Graphite on newsprint at Three Works 5G Network Tower Series at Glade Digital Drawing2019/20 Mud's Orbit Studio Ceramics Main Sequence Ceramic & Plaster Relief Series Faery Liquid Digital C-type Print Edition PERMISSION SLIP Exhibition of drawings with Sean Roy Parkerat Good PressGlasgow Illustration & publication design for Listening to Bethlehem by Cymru Roberts Publication design for "P" by Parker Ito Publication design and art direction for Eurozone Spezial by Mould Map Exhibition identity & catalogue for Waking the Witch by Legion Projects Interface design and development for Earth Pantropy by Mould Map Small Work at De Studio for Grafixx Antwerp Drifting Eye Print edition for Nazcas exhibition Brussels Speculative Olympic legacy 2012 (Hackney Rapids) (ongoing) Publication design of An Account of Frederick McKenzie Playing Johnny Cash Covers at Strangeways Prison, Manchester, 1973 by Stuart Mckenzie for TG Gallery Exhibition curation and design for Mould MapTERRAFORMERS STEALTH EMITTER Patch and packaging design for Mould MapBlack Box Two book covers for Jaakko Pallasvuo EXTRAMISSION Lighting commission for Ace & Tate Statues & Stories PDF workshop

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