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Mould Map 7 ◦ Earth Pantropy ◦ is a series of 30 new digital commissions from artists, cartoonists and writers. The new commissions follow the previous group exhibition format of Mould Map 6 TERRAFORMERS, which collected 76 practitioners whose work used some aspects of world-making.

Taking the opposite approach this time, Pantropy 'is a hypothetical process ... in which rather than terraforming other planets or building space habitats suitable for human habitation, humans are modified (for example via genetic engineering) to be able to thrive in the existing environment' (Wiki).

Through the new works, the idea of pantropy is explored in off-world settings as well as contemporary reality in adapting the self (physically and mentally) to the spheres of technology, work, food and romance.

The new commissions are funded by Arts Council England and have allowed us to offer the contributing artists £420 each for whatever work they are interested in doing in the time that money allows on a personal basis.

For previous print issues and the group exhibition TERRAFORMERS see the Mould Map tumblr archive

Mould Map is a narrative art anthology series edited by Hugh Frost & Leomi Sadler

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